Toy commercial Assignment

the Product

Idea 1: I intend to produce 6 action figures based upon a fictional cartoon. This product will consist of 2 unique selling points(USPs).

  • The Cartoon license: based upon the popularity of the cartoon, the toys would benefit from it. The license would also mean that no other toy company could produce toy products based on this cartoon.
  • The Show: The show is about 5 young teenagers: Amin, John, louis, Isabelle and Penny. They are put into after school detention and their teacher turns out to be an alien with 5 Bio-nanite suits on the run from bounty hunters.

Idea 2: I intend to make a soft drink that contains your five a fruits. I will use the tag line “5 a day in a can” I will call it Fruit-i-nova. It contains 5 portions of fruit nutritional values. Different combinations of Fruit gives the customers a choice. The drink will distributed in all the typical soft drink forms(cans, bottles and family size bottles).

Idea 3: I plan to promote a washing powder that will allow people to put white clothes in with other colours without fear of staining the whites with running colour. It distributed in all typical washing powder formats e.g Tablets, Gel tabs, powder and liquid.

Idea 4: How about a jacket that embodies everything from the 70’s disco scene that you can wash without fear of damaging it. This would sell well to 70’s nostalgia nuts.


Idea 1 Commercial: use clips from the show to depict a transformation sequence from civilian to hero with a green flash which will obscure the viewers’ vision, then the toys will be there. It will show each character’s transformation individually to give each toy a moment in the spotlight then near the end they will show the Villain’s toy and they fight.



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