My experience of Pre-production

During the Pre-production phase we were divided into groups and I was put in with Cherie, Adam, Sam and Andy. At first we had to research bullying before we could write about it, each of us was alloted a certain aspect  of bullying to research.

I was tasked with finding the types of bullying(Cherie – effects, Sam – Implications, Adam – causes) I used the internet and visited a number of anti-bullying websites to learn more about the methods of bullying, this was all part of my secondary research for this project.

one of the problems we faced as a group was that we were highly disorganised so it was difficult for us to manage who was doing what and when, it got to the point where I was sitting there wondering what I was supposed to do next.

Around this point my communication with the group was beginning to break down and Myself and the support teacher decided to create our own questionnaire to ask people if they had been bullied and if so how they coped with it. We needed to know what the bullys did to the victim and what they think was the cause of it was, we also needed information regarding any long terms effects it may have had on the person throughout their life.

This was Primary research with qualitative questions outweighing quantitative questions so I could get the most detailed answers instead of closed ones. We also conducted an interview with a counsellor (Brenda Varney) as a group to get an insight into what someone who is a victim of bullying can do about it.

other than conducting Primary research, interviews and location scouting we stayed in the classroom until production began, although we did make trips to the studio to get the equipment and a mock risk assessment at the beginning of the assignment.

We agreed that each member of the group would handle a different aspect of the production work. Cherie did the Risk assessments after we were briefed on them in class, she was also involved with the production and shooting schedule alongside Andy. Sam was the Script writer but we all had some input on the direction the story would take.

When it came close to the time of shooting we practised with the equipment from the studio that had been signed out by Iain, our Tutor. We learned the safety measures to ensure none of the equipment got damaged during shooting.

Sam and Andy scouted out a suitable location behind the College car park for us to shoot, luckily we didn’t need permits because it was college ground and their was no chance of any unintentional advertising. Because it was on College grounds first aid problems would be minimised as Health and Safety checks should have been carried out on college property. We also used our own common sense to avoid injury.

Money wasn’t really a problem as we were using college equipment which would be partly paid for by our entry fees and insured by the college itself.

Overall When conduct the Pre-production process again in the future I will be little insistent on organisation within the group because I truely feel that was our biggest failing, it was a difficult yet educational exercise that although plagued by faults did result in good effective video drama documentary.


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