Bullying Documentary – Evaluation


Im going to be evaluating my involvement with the cast and crew of a Bullying Documentary and its Pre/Post production.

One of the first things I have to say is that I had maintained a production diary for everything I did on the days we worked on this project so that I would be able to go into greater detail than what just able to remember off the top of my head. This personnel diary would have proven invaluable when our written work went missing.

At the beginning I had very few aims other than spying the opportunity to play a villain in a dramatization so you could say acting was my primary focus. One think I did contribute outside of production was a questionnaire that I and Mrs Stewart (LF) carried out, we got some good answers from our one to one interviews with college students.

The Documentary


I feel we stuck to our Brief of creating a bullying documentary. Enthusiastic acting from all persons involved, good directing from Andy Mcdonagh and a realistic dramatization based on true accounts (Primary research) which is off great importance in any factual programme. We also benefitted from  some creative camera angles courtesy of Myself, Andy and Sam. We used Dutch angle shots, over the shoulder shots, point of view shots and low angles to add depth to the action and according to the feedback from our “Client” we were most succesful. We did manage to get an interview with a student counsellor (Primary Research) who provided us with great insight into how college’s handle bullying.


We were greatly disorganised when it came to the production schedule. We didnt get enough preparation and as a result production schedule, Risk assessments and consent forms were badly behind schedule. Unfortunately our technician was ill at the most inconvenient time, a week before the deadline this held up our editing process greatly and ultimately destroyed any hopes of having a completed video production for Class presentation, In other words we failed to meet our deadline. On the day of the presentation we were forced to make do with an incomplete presentation and to make matters worse we lost almost all the sound in the rendering process.


It was a chance to cut loose in filming on location, It also gave me an insight into the Pre-production process. We also gained some experience in the handling of technical equipment such as the camera, tri-pod and microphone. It also made me realise the significance of keeping a production diary because it would have been very useful for this evaluation.


Illness was the thing that ultimately spelt the end for our production. The week Sam fell ill everything we worked for fell apart because we were unable to edit at the most critical time (Sam was the Editor). Next time  we will maintain multiple editors, have access to the same work and keep back up copies for every crew member. The General public are difficult to work with for example the student counsellor refused to sign our consent form until she saw the footage we recorded for herself, which was severely hindered by the fact that our production was unfinished.


Next time I will ensure that the group is more organized with pre-production roles and more defined responsibilities, more agreeable with one another, keep a production diary, have clear aims and shared access to all work. I must ensure that all pre-production paperwork is done and out of the way by the time that production begins and complete everything for the deadline. 3 things I would like improve on are Editing, Technical Camera Skills and Sound design, I would improve on them by doing them in my next project.


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