Bowling for Columbine – Review

Bowling for Columbine is documentary centered around gun crime in America and what the causes of it are.

In terms of accuracy it shows both sides of the argument and he interviews actual people(primary research) like the teenagers who went to Columbine high school and Charlton Heston head of the NRA(National Rifle Association).

Michael Moore has an agenda that he is trying to push onto the viewers that the gun nuts are in the wrong and as a result this documentary is not balanced and contains a strong sense of bias. Most of the people that  Michael Moore interviewed  partial to guns and often expressed their amendment right to own firearms as a means of self defense.

As its a documentary we expect formal and informal interviews, archive footage,interesting contributors, voiceovers with truthful information, authority, live location footage and finally a closing statement. Bowling for Columbine has live locations like the Bank that was handing out guns to all new investors


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