The Interrogation (short film)

Premise: Revenge is a vicious cycle


Beginning: In a room, a woman.  A man walks in. He starts questioning her about her parents’ murder, going into detail about case he asks her whether she knows the killers.  She says if she did she wouldn’t be there.

Middle: The discussion turns to justice vs revenge.  Eli confronting her with his idea that revenge is empty:- incorporating his own experience.  Maria responds by talking about how justice is totally ineffective.  They lock horns.

End: She leaves, he knows he may have another murder to sort out soon.

Character Descriptions


Heart rules the head;  no indication of violent behaviour prior to the murders;  drama student;  fun-loving;  shoulder-length brunette hair;  blue eyes;  own sense of fashion;  “Heart bellows for revenge but the head pleads No!” ;  her adoptive parents were Japanese & she has absorbed some of their ideology;  she speaks fluent Japanese;  has considerable martial art training;  very casual clothes;  no make-up;  well-presented;  almost tomboy-ish;  active imagination.

Use this image for a basic Idea of how Maria will look.


Tall, bald, 40-something black man;  has seen society’s true face;  formal justice is necessary;  resigned to the realities of situation;  has first-hand experience of revenge & knows the consequences of it;  detective;  well-spoken, calmly authoritative; (Liam Neeson style language)

Denzel Washington-Inspiration for Eli’s appearance.


Police Interrogation rooms. link to Website used for reference:

Interrogation rooms are usually small with little room to move around, white walls an observation mirror, a table and 3 chairs, the suspect’s chair is uncomfortable.

Witnesses must be interrogated as close to the Event as possible otherwise their minds start to fill in the gaps in their memory with false information and they are not aware they are doing it.

Interviewers prepare to question witnesses by familiarising themselves with the circumstances of the situation and working which questions to ask the witness.

The Interviewer must be well dressed and punctual to make himself look more professional.


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