Bullying questions

1: Have you been the victim of bullying?

2: If so would you mind talking about it?

3: How were you bullied?

4: How did you respond to the bullying?

5: Was there anyone you could talk to?

6: Are you familiar with any anti-bullying organizations?

Questionnaire Results

No. of people interviewed: 10

Female: 7

Male: 3

5 people had experience with Bullies.

5 people did not have experience.

Onset: Secondary school (4)

Primary school (1)

F1). Bullied by group of Girls in secondary school. She said she was bullied because of her affluent background than them and her father had a Jaguar which according to her was surrounded and damaged by nearly a hundred students. She endured for two years before she was moved to a new school when her parents moved house.

Comment: “It made me stronger although it was a horrible experience at the time”.

F2). The Bullying began when she started Secondary school and came from within her circle of friends, they attacked her emotionally and called her names. Because she was shy she didn’t talk anyone about the situation.

M3). Was bullied all through Primary school, he was physically bullied until eventually he hit back in the Dinner queue when he picked up a dinner tray and hit the bully.

Comment: “If you are Bullied tell your tutor”.

M4). Bullied by people who threatened and demanded money from him, he told No one but eventually he got to know the bullies and became friends with them.

Comment: “Work it to your advantage”, “If you have problems in college go to student services”.

F5). Bullied in Primary School by verbal abuse, she told her mother who later told the teacher which sorted the situation out.

Student Services(SS) advice for bully victims. interview with receptionist(Primary Source) Monday: 10/10/11

If you come in to Student Services, for help, with a bullying issue we can provide….

  • A private space
  • Opportunity to talk confidentially
  • Counselling (There is a counsellor and a youth worker)
  • Support/Guidance
  • youth worker offers group session (e.g if bullying was happening in the class)
  • you would be advised onall the options.
  • Physical bullying/Cyber bullying taken very seriously. Zero Tolerance.

Student services are the first point of contact any issue would be looked at straight away.


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