Michael Moore documentary Bowling for Columbine

-Michael moore is on screen

-He narrates over the beginning of the documentary

-Goes undercover – opens an account in a bank to get a free fire arm (500 guns in the vault) It was a bank and a licensed fire arms dealer.

– At first he asks trivial questions to connect with his contributors…

– Then he asks a key question =”Dont you think it’s a little dangerous handing out fire arms in a Bank?”

– His own bias comes across in the narrative what is michael Moore’s own Ideology?

Comments on the Documentary=

-Michael Moore lets the contributors do the talking first. then asks a leading question.

– Michigan is a gun lovers paradise – People hunting there.

– A guy had a gun on a Dog’s back and it slipped and shot him in the chin.

– (Ideology) Michigan Militia believe that it’s the right of the American people to be armed to defend themselves themselves. Its part of the Constitution.

– They say “We’re just concerned citizens doing our duty”.

other views expressed= If a government is tyrannical you should overthrow it. Michael Moore counters this with “What about Gandhi, he  beat the British Empire without using violence”.

“The pen is mightier than the sword but you should always keep a sword handy”.

Producers Ideology Bias=

Michael Moore doesn’t share the ideology of his contributors. He shows them for who they are. He is representing them as crazy and dangerous people.

Michael Moore asks: “What’s the difference between a dad who goes to work to build weapons of mass destruction and the destruction caused at Columbine high school by teenagers with guns.


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