Scriptwriting Ideas

ブレードの呼び出し (Call of the Blade) is a revenge drama about a teenage girl who, after her parents are murdered by a group of Thugs, wants to exact bloody revenge by hunting them down and killing them all. This becomes increasingly difficult because a grizzled detective is hot on her tail and the bad guys wont take any loses lying down.

Protagonist: Teenage Girl – she is a spunky 19 year old living with her adoptive Japanese parents, she is a 5’6 with brunette coloured hair. Her hobbies include Shakespeare, Anime and stage Acting. She is a very bright person with generally positive outlook on life but is capable of defending herself if pushed to extremes, she does have a dark side but it almost never shows.

Antagonist: Sydney Bayman Jr. – he is a drug baron who runs the cocaine trade in the city with an iron fist. he was raised from child hood to be ruthless and resourceful, he has a tormented mind which pulls him between the man he was raised to be and childhood he was robbed of.

Setting: the City(no name as of yet) – a fictional city on the southern coast of England, the City has been the base of operations for the Bayman mob’s drug trade for 70 years. the rich and the poor are separated with the poorer sections being easy pickings for the drug trade. the protagonist lives near the Harbour where her adoptive parents make a middle class living.

the Conflict: the Protagonist’s father was a witness in a police enquiry into one of the Bayman’s shipments which failed so the Antagonist ordered the man’s death. the Protagonist swears to avenge her adoptive parents’ death and sets out to face the antagonist.

Act 1: establish characters


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