Primary research = Original information from source e.g you want information on 09/11 and what it was like to be there you would interview someone who was there like a fireman.

Primary research often contains a lot of specific details as they are mostly interviews that will yield a lot of information which will be useful for whatever your project is.

Primary research tends to be more reliable than secondary research because primary is from the the word of mouth whereas secondary is someone else’s work that may or may or not entirely reliable.

Secondary Research = second hand information that you not conducted yourself e.g like an article on a website or a television program.

Secondary research is the quick, cheap and easy way to gather information especially if you have deadlines to meet.

Secondary research is not as reliable as a primary source and there is also the danger of copyright infringement

Qualitative Data = this is the information given is subjective, detailed personal opinions.

Qualitative often asks “Why”

Quantitative Data = this data is simple answers like yes and no or true and false, the hard facts.

Quantitative Data is easier to analyze for its specific results.


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